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Round 1 — Finalist

Memory Menu (2016)

There are around 7 million blind people in Indonesia. Over half of these people suffer from a certain type of blindness - cataracts. A condition that is curable, in most cases. But in a part of the world where the minimum wage per month is under USD150, most of the sufferers can’t afford the surgery. As a result, they remain blind for most of their lives.


If that’s not tragic enough, the surgery itself comprises a simple procedure that takes a mere twenty minutes. And it can completely restore vision. That’s just plain wrong. And something needs to be done about it. Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful people out there working towards treating preventable blindness. The John Fawcett Foundation. Helen Keller International. The Fred Hollows Foundation. Google them. All the info you need is there.


Now go think of a way to get everyone who has some money, to give that money to these foundations. Remember that this is about action, not sentiment. It’s not about feeling sorry for someone, but rather about touching someone’s heart enough to make him or her do something about it.  

Thank you. Let’s go help some folks out!

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