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Hello! My name is Shikin.


I am a graphic designer based in Singapore. In 2017,

I graduated from Loughborough University majoring in (BA) Graphic Communication. As someone who wants

to see the world in many inifinite possibilities, travelling has always been something I really love and enjoy.

A foreign place is my happy place.

My favourite playlist on Spotify is a junk of songs I've listened to since I was 18 — Strawberry Jam. I also have a cat named Barry & a bunny named Harry. So this is the story of how Harry and Barry got along..... they don't! I also like my milo in the morning and coffee for tea time. 

I am currently working at Prodigious, Publicis Groupe. You can drop me a message or you can stalk me via:

PinterestLinkedIn / Instagram

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